Zahyr K-R Lauren

The practice of meditative art, for Zahyr K-R Lauren, has become a mental and emotional salve, helping to cope with the trauma of coming from the injustice systems most heavily targeted community. The practice provides a meditative reprieve from the world and the artist hopes the work engulfs other people in the same kind of peace that was felt during each works creation.

From the Artist... Black and gold pyramids and triangles are present in all of my work. I draw them to honor and represent the brilliance of ancient African civilizations, and the beauty of Black people in general. Pyramids point to all that exists above, and are grounded in the history of what is below the plane that we occupy. I use pyramids to support each drawing, pulling from their strength and stability. No matter what turmoil is happening in the world of a drawing, or in our wider social and political reality, pyramids and black ingenuity are unbreakable. As a creator, I draw inspiration from the magic and beauty of Black folks. I began drawing as a way to get centered, relax, and find respite amidst intensifying racial injustice in our world. My work is an affirmation of Black strength and creative genius, born of resilience through struggle.

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