Christy Mandeville

Christy is a self-taught, award-winning landscape, and fine-art photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Pictures are like stories unto themselves. While stories tend to change over time and through generations, pictures tell a story captured forever, a single finite point in time in a single click of a shutter. The best ones talk to you without ever having to say a spoken word. I patiently wait hours upon hours for nature to provide me with my perfect moments to share with you. I invite you to join me to laugh, cry, rejoice, and stand in awe at the everyday Perfect Moments I capture. In a single instance, I forever encapsulate a unique story and today I am happy to extend to you part of that experience as well. Please share my journey with me as I professionally capture life’s nuances and subtle details and bring them to you to proudly display in any array of formats and options sure to suit any atmosphere.

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