Bobby Kim Ling Chen

A Hong Kong artist who finds fun challenges in mixing arts with technology to create truly digital arts.

From the Artist... I am an end-to-end digital artist using diversified methods and software to derive my creatives. I am end-to-end because I do all the works myself, without having collaborators nor helpers to bridge the gap between art and technology, be it video editing or programming for augment reality, just to name a few. In terms of style and themes, I like colorful stuff and am passionate with the recent developments in metaverse and a lot of my works carry that theme. However, as I am diversified, I do not like to be boxed in with one subject. Overall, I am a believer that artwork should communicate with the audience, be it an “extension” to the original piece of artwork using multimedia or just playing a magic game. This is art in the new world, made possible by the hybrid of technology and traditional art. Unique Digital Arts are driven by the following characters and hence the values: (1) Truly digital: lesser of paint and brush but more of generative and digital reprocessing. (2) A strong demonstration that technology is used to make digital arts alive. (3) Where possible, to go beyond the present and make use of new methods such as augmented reality in the art presentations.

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