Younes Larisa

Born in 1990, is a rising international self taught contemporary Artist Designer based and living in Marrakech, Morocco. Younes is full time contemporary artist, he depicts his figurative and portrait subjects using a combination of watercolor, acrylic, naturally a curing dyes such as henne and dann leather collage on leather and other different materials allow him to distinctive a personal style emanates joy and peace and express the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the Moroccan African culture. In his work, he takes the form of cyclical metaphors such as shapes, flowers, patterns and movements, which evokes the spirituality of human beings. He sees himself as an artist who constantly learns, observes, experiments, creates and evolves through all his different experiences.

From the Artist... I see myself as an artist who is constantly learning, observing, experimenting, creating, and evolving through all of my various experiences.

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