Darli Nam

Darli Nam is a visual artist known for their diverse artistic expressions, utilizing analog paper cut collage, drawing, digital illustration, and painting techniques. They are driven by the concept of "U&iverse," which encapsulates their vision of creating harmonious unity by simultaneously removing and gathering narratives within their artwork. With a keen focus on exploring the deep abyss that exists between individuals, the artist delves into the profound and timeless stories that have unfolded throughout human history. Driven by a deep curiosity about the laws of nature, humanity, the interconnectedness of the world, and the hidden realms perceived by human souls, the artist creates captivating works centered around these themes. Their art serves as a medium to convey their unique perspective on these subjects. Through their artistic realm, the artist aims to illuminate the inherent power and significance of the "sum of two and more than two," thereby redefining traditional notions of value and meaning. Their creations serve as a testament to their exploration of new artistic possibilities and the fusion of diverse elements within their work.

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