Brigit Kovax

Brigit Kovax is a Hungarian-born painter living and working in London, UK. She completed her MA degree as painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2017. She is interested in universal themes that reflect on life events and experiences for instance cycle of life, changes, emotions.

From the Aritst... I studied Hungarian folk art and ceramics in college. During this time, I signed up for academic painting and drawing courses where I spent most of my free time. After this experience, I studied fine arts, painting in master’s level at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts where I have been evolving my art through several phases. Studying art history as part of the course influenced my creative thinking and artworks and opened my perspective. Gauguin’s ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’ painting made me think about how I would answer these questions in my paintings about life. Later, I found abstract expressionism, especially Mark Rothko and then Agnes Martin inspiring on my journey as well. I also have a strong connection to Frida Kahlo’s outlook and approach to art making.

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