Alisha Anglin

Alisha Anglin is a professional Abstract Artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her bold abstract compositions are created in abstract expressionist, cubist, and gestural styles.

From the Artist... I started painting at the young age of 10. For me, art is a way of living and a means through which I makes sense of the chaotic events in life. The beauty of imperfection is explored through applying geometric and wild patterns to deliberately distorted forms, challenging the inherent perfectionist I am at heart. Acrylics have been my medium since day one. While using acrylics on canvas, my style and technique can vary by the minute. Blending electrifying colors onto a blank canvas, using various painting knives, brushes, turkey basters, my fingertips, anything is possible in my studio.  Abstract expressionism as well as gestural (action) painting, and cubism is my personal favorite style of painting. My inspiration comes from life experiences, dreams, and current state of mind. Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Wassily Kandinsky have been my biggest inspirations throughout my 15+ year Art career.

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