Erika Guillory Page

Erika Guillory Page is an artist specializing in large scale oil and cold wax paintings on wood panel and other original works. For over 15 years, she has brought vibrant and emotional narratives to life through her art, sharing her passion as shaped by her own experiences.

Born in 1972 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Page began a journey that would be filled with intrigue and veiled adversity. From her childhood as a warden’s daughter to her early career in health care to her current life as an artist, wife, and mother, life has gifted her with collections of stories that unfold in her paintings.

Though her heart longed for self-expression, there was little opportunity for in-depth fine art study growing up in rural Louisiana. Her professional path first led to a career in nursing, where she practiced in the ER and ICU at hospitals in Louisiana, Virginia, and Georgia. Working with the ill and suffering as a BSN, RN, and massage therapist has profoundly influenced her work.

Page’s work has been featured in exhibitions and private collections across the US. She currently lives and works in Milton, Georgia, juggling the full-time jobs of mother and artist.

From the Artist... Storytelling is the very soul of my work,. My desire as a painter is to share each story and make each mark with integrity. I hope my work is full of grit and grace, and that my stories connect with yours.

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