Carol Bednarski

Carol Bednarski, a self-taught artist, embarks on a journey of exploration, seeking to uncover the truths and beauty that exist within the world and convey them through her artwork.

Carol admits that the destination of a painting is often a mystery, an uncertain path that both challenges and excites her. Sometimes, she draws inspiration from references or memories, but more recently, she has found joy in beginning a painting by experimenting with color, line, and texture. She intentionally relinquishes some control, allowing her intuitive instincts to guide her. Eventually, the painting reveals something to her—a glimpse of a place, an image, or a mood. It's a feeling that stirs within her and propels the painting forward. The remainder of the artistic journey becomes a delicate balance between intuition and controlled response.

Carol employs various techniques, including brushes, palette knives, scraping, wiping, and layering. She finds excitement in those moments when a single stroke or gesture captures the precise emotion she wishes to convey, or when a color emerges from a previous layer, revealing the painting's evolving narrative. In these instances, the artwork takes on a life of its own, and Carol transitions into the role of a spectator.

Her aspiration is to authentically represent the truths and beauty she encounters, whether within herself or in the external world. Through this creative process, she aims to establish a connection with the viewer, hoping that her art resonates and bridges the gap between herself and the observer.

For Carol Bednarski, the true joy and privilege lie in being seen and forming connections with others through her art.

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