Gregory Cooper

An eighties baby from the south side of Chicago, Gregory took an early interest in drawing and painting. At 19 after becoming a bboy and discovering hip hop culture and the art of graffiti, he would spend the next several years moving through the ranks of urban art in Chicago. At the same time, traditional art and art history remained a passion. Art history videos on youtube led to painting tutorial/technique videos and it was only a matter of time before he began experimenting with canvas painting. After about a decade of consistent practice and consistent learning, Gregory has found his true calling in portrait painting; specifically the rendering of the intangible such as emotional states and psychological concepts via vibrant color and strong composition.

"I am absolutely in love with the art of painting. I do my best to ingest as much art on a daily basis as I possibly can and I hope that it reflects in my work. Art has the power to amuse, inspire, and/or heal and each piece that I create has a focus centered on one of these 3 attributes."

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