Vega Vega

Vega Vega is a self-taught Abstract Expressionist based in Bridgeport, CT who has succeeded in assigning colors, gestures, and textures to the outside forces that affect her generation, culture, and gender. Vega Vega has studied Art History, fine art painting, and various other forms of traditional illustrative techniques and media design at the University of Bridgeport.

From the Artist... I focus primarily on bright colors and free-form scribbles, using them to be unabashedly vocal. I focus on stirring a sense of playfulness and freedom from monotonous art and design in those who collect and curate my artwork. The usage of wild color palettes, both balanced and erratic compositions, as well as the cultural psychology behind color ideology and placement are all taken into consideration in my painting process. In terms of subject matter, I attempt to express the everyday confusions, joys, mishaps, and humor of daily life in America today as a woman, as a Latina, and as a young adult through expressive colors, textures, and techniques.

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