Iris Jaffe

Iris Jaffe is a contemporary artist living and working in Tarrytown, NY. She holds a BA with honors from Brown University and has worked for the contemporary artist Tom Sachs and the contemporary art gallery Ronald Feldman Fine Arts. Her artistic practice consists of painting, digital imaging, digital photography, collage, sculpture, drawing, and installation.

Artist Statement:

I used art to explore my visual senses and escape the everyday. My mixed heritage and exposure to diverse imagery shaped my creative journey. Art History at Brown University deepened my passion, leading me to create collage-inspired paintings that blend different aesthetics. My work draws from personal experiences, pop culture, and art history to explore life's questions and the human condition.

My creative process begins by gathering images and ideas from daily life, personal history, and various sources. While I've worked in various media, I now primarily focus on acrylic painting. I combine diverse styles, akin to music remixes, and explore different ways of visual expression, from line drawing to pixelation.

My art reflects our era of mass media and information sharing, offering a visually pleasing experience and adding vibrancy to the world.

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