Julia Letcher

The world around us has been more interesting to photograph rather than people. The images submitted are both landscape and macro style photography of flowers. It is extremely important, as a photographer, to capture the world for others to see and appreciate.

Most of Julia Letcher’s work is a concentration of macro style photography. There are multiple images of flowers. No matter where Julia photographs, whether it's some far off beach or up in the mountains, she makes it a point to look at the ground or up in a tree. Sometimes the smallest flowers are the best images captured.

Landscapes, what more can be said? There is a whole world out there just waiting to be photographed. For many, sitting in a car eagerly awaiting to get to a destination is normal. Julia Letcher, typically, will hang out the passenger side window to get the perfect shot twisting through the mountains. Which is beautifully captured in the frozen, rolling road of Northern Arizona. Photography is an empowering art form. Photographers are no different than painters or sculptors. They are 21st century story tellers. Photography is a way of presenting the world through pictures.

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