The #1 Patented Visual Art Streaming Platform for Smart TVs and Digital Signage

Our mission is to unleash the power of artistic expression by making visual art accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.  We provide today’s artists with an innovative digital platform for discoverability and global distribution.


Become A Loupe Artist

Reach millions of art enthusiasts leveraging Loupe's global partnerships with Samsung, LG, Vizio, Comcast, Univision, Caesars Entertainment, and others.

"Artists can trust that their artwork will be seen in millions of home with an awe-inspiring translation of the depth, detail, and nuance of the original."
— Takashi Nakano, Head of Global Business Development for Samsung TV Plus
"Loupe is a unique streaming experience. For entertainment providers, it provides another touchpoint with the consumer – something to augment their space and set a mood."
— Ned Sherman, Goal Ventures Partner also CEO and Publisher of Digital Media Wire
"Streaming in your home compliments what you’re doing . . . For me, it creates a heightened state of inspiration and elevation of my environment. It adds an energy that moves throughout the space that I find both calming and invigorating. It’s a continual sense of something ‘new’ that helps me think new thoughts"
— Dot Bustelo, Loupe Founder
"Ultimately the goal is to create a beautiful visual art experience that can be enjoyed in every home, in any public space—anywhere with any available screen"
— Rachel White, Loupe Chief Experience Officer