Adam Zoltowski

Adam is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Adam creates abstract landscapes that capture the tension between the attempted order of the modern world and the disorder of the natural one. These tensions play out across a number of dichotomies including control and chaos, motion and stillness, existence and oblivion, and materialism and impermanence. Using a combination of painting and drawing techniques he develops unique compositions that employ the use of patterns found in nature in order to develop interpretive forms that are recognizable, but non-specific. These forms tap into the connection we all have with the patterns that nature imprints on our collective subconscious along with the newly developed signals of the digital culture we all live in.

Adam has been heavily influenced by his upbringing in upstate New York, where most of his time was spent outdoors, in the woods, or by a lake. Now a resident of New York City, he uses art as a meditative practice in an attempt to return to a world unencumbered by technology and signal overload.

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