Suns and Days

mixed media By Darli Nam

Materials: paper

One of a kind artwork

Signed certificate of authenticity


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Created in 2022. Artwork Dimensions (w x h x d): 45.9 x 35.82 x 1.57 in. Crossing the time and space of many days, the sky and the earth intersect. The various red circles may look like the sun or the moon or planets of different days. The cosmos of the sky, where Joseon’s Ilwol-obongdo was planted as if passing by a winding mountain or land, signifies a world where all things in nature are tangled, mixed, and buried with the patience of countless hours of fused nature. It is a landscape painting that reinterprets the original meaning of Korean folk elements such as rocks, the sea, and canals and newly expresses them as landscapes of the future land surface on the screen.