Fluidity #27

painting By Sofia Echa

One of a kind artwork

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Created 2018. Artwork dimensions (w x h x d): 57.7" x 48" x 2" Mixed Media, Acrylic on stainless steel. Price includes shipping from ARTI.NYC. Sofia Echa was born in 1992 in Vladivostok, Russia and settled in New York City in 2013 to continue her pursuit of a career in art after she received a bachelor degree in Economics and Japanese studies at Federal University of Vladivostok, Russia. "I paint with acrylic on canvas and metal. Working on metal sheets, I see my reflection in the unpainted areas through the abstract cloud-like strokes I make. The neutral color of metallic sheets works for me as a background. On both metal and canvas, I use achromatic gray as a base, which represents calmness and neutrality. I am fascinated by the density of gloss I put on top of my paint, which also reminds me of water. Also, I attach stretchers on my works on metal, so they have a shadow on the wall."