Sofia Echa

Sofia Echa was born in 1992 in Vladivostok, Russia and settled in New York City in 2013 to continue her pursuit of a career in art. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Japanese Studies at Federal University of Vladivostok, Russia. Sofia studied fine arts in the Art School in Vladivostok and in the Cambridge School Of Visual & Performing Arts, Cambridge, UK. She graduated from the National Academy School in New York.

Her works are in private collections in the United States and Russia. She is honored to have donated work to the 2015 National Academy Gala auction honoring National Academician, Eric Fischl, with a Lifetime Achievement Award and to the Bailey House Auction in 2016 and 2017. In September 2015, she had her first solo show in the Center of Contemporary Art Sol’ in Vladivostok, Russia. In 2017 she had her first solo show in New York at Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, National Academy Museum and School.

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