The Journey

painting By Vanessa Stefanova

One of a kind artwork

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Created in 2023. Artwork Dimensions (w x h x d): 36 x 9.8 x 1 in. Vanessa really enjoys Hieronymus Bosch’s artworks, specifically how they his artworks encompass busy themes where Bosch packs in plenty of characters and ‘furniture’. A while back Vanessa noticed her artworks at the time had a centrepiece and that’s how she conveyed her idea. Vanessa's been working on creating busier visuals where the viewer will be drawn into the artwork thinking about each section and wonder away with that thought, creating a different experience. This artwork isn’t as busy as Vanessa originally aimed however when she reached this point she decided this is how it needs to be. On the left side Vanessa added more characters than the right as she want people to read the artwork like a book, left to right. Vanessa ended up naming it ‘The Journey’ because when she reached the end of the artwork whenever she looked at it she felt like it’s a journey, like your life journey. Nothing ever seems to go as planned and when you look back at it you end up with a bunch of mismatched and unexpected events that feel like home because it’s yours and you lived that. This is part one.