No Magic

painting By Vanessa Stefanova

One of a kind artwork

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Created in 2023. Sydney, NSW, Australia. Artwork Dimensions (w x h x d): 15 x 12 x 1 in. As I watched an astrology lecture I noticed one of the astrologers who’s opinion I respect mention “magic”. At first I thought he was joking then I realised, no, this person genuinely believes in magic. Down the magic rabbit hole I went and learnt that there’s a whole community that believe in magic. Respectable people. Listening to how they came to make sense of it made sense to me and up it’s to this artwork description reader to learn for themselves. However the gist is these people are manipulating the luck they have at hand, not working spells to be billionaires that we’d all assume.  I continue this train of thought in a different artwork, however this idea pivots in comparison to the other. During my rabbit hole hunt I came across a story about a well respected psychologist(?) who had the chance to speak somewhere. He picked someone from the audience to take his jacket and he’ll give them $10. Gladly they did. Until he told them a murderer owned this jacket. How can you entirely dismiss magic yet believe a jacket is tainted because a murderer owned it. Perhaps some people are more in tune, a sentence that comes up often.  I painted the jacket in the forefront, and each pear representing people front and centre, however the more in tune pear had a mini world swirling around it. Perhaps this could be the most interesting still life image you’ll see today. If you can call it still life.