painting By Vanessa Stefanova

One of a kind artwork

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Created in 2023. Sydney, NSW, Australia. Artwork Dimensions (w x h x d): 30 x 20 x 0.5 in. Vanessa partially painted it out of annoyance when asking someone to be respectful and they turned the situation around on one of their collection of four mental illnesses (a well functioning human in society). She decided to paint this artwork during her 80 artworks as Vanessa began to take note of how there’s a trend to label all quirks or even human nature as a mental disorder… Hypochondria in a nut shell, although the general mass doing this don’t seem to recognise this. Since the movement to become accepting of mental illness turned into a movement to encourage it. If Vanessa really wanted to “have” a mental illness she can rely on the trusty movement and a broadening definition to psychiatrist hop until she get's that Pokemon. Vanessa thought up the idea to paint a horse skeleton and one hoof, the horse brandishes the hoof as if it’s proud and the rest of the horse isn’t complete unless it wears the skin of a mental illness, “Look at this part of me, I’m such a novelty”. At this point in time I’d painted quite a few cactuses pretty well and wanted to include them as a symbol in the background. The left one flops over because you haven’t watered your garden being so distracted. The middle one stands tall hidden behind the horse and the last one is organised into tiny cactuses, evenly spaced, floating up into the air. These remind me of the environmental expression of a mental illness where your items are where they’re supposed to be and need to stay exactly as they are. The water also plays in this left to right timeline, the left needs some attention, you need to pour the water properly. The middle turns into the horses soul and evaporated then the right is well organised dripping like rain over the clouds. Vanessa began the idea of a stripped skeleton before looking up what a horse skeleton looked like and to be frank she didn’t think they’d look so odd. Vanessa started the concept and ran with it. There are more easter eggs in this artwork for you to decipher.