painting By Peter Vigil

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Created 2020 Artwork dimensions (w x h ): 69.5" x 60" The acrylic on unstretched canvas painting depicts a dystopian society where some discern the reality but others live in denial. The woman walking her dog is painted in bright colors to illustrate someone who has decided to create her reality and deny what is surrounding her. The other two individuals are extending their hands upwards in attempt to shield others from the tribulations while offering them hope. The blue building on the left is full of windows with an individual looking out from each window in a sort of catatonic state displaying no emotions as to what plagues society. The individuals painted as blots in white with an appearance as if they are floating are those that have passed on, souls, due to the afflictions placed upon them by the dystopian society. The souls waiting to enter the building seek to negate the apathy displayed by those at the windows by illustrating to them they were once real.