R&B Effect

mixed media By Darli Nam

One of a kind artwork

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Created in 2022. Artwork Dimensions (w x h x d): 35.82 x 45.98 x 1.57 in. It is a shape in which various red circles, blue circles, and white circles harmoniously harmonize and spread out in space. Trees, rocks, bird tails, camellia flowers, etc. are recombined, and the blue and red butterfly shapes that represent Korea are used as rotation axes to spread along with the black and white 'wind' symbolizing the 4 trigrams surrounding the Taegeuk. It is a work that expresses the birth of a new movement in the universe. operating continuously in time and space. Among the principles of 'universe', it expresses the hope that the small wings of aspiration for the country contained in the works of Korean writers will be able to influence the many universe domains of 'us'.