Nuria González Alcaide

Nuria González Alcaide is a self-taught painter who has undergone a process of introversion, enabling her to connect deeply with what she wants to capture and transmit through her works. Initially, she struggled with a mental and emotional barrier that hindered her creative freedom. Perfectionism was a significant obstacle, but by overcoming it, her perspective on art transformed. Instead of viewing perfectionism as a weakness, she now uses it as a tool for creation. 

Her inspiration comes from various concepts: the unpredictability of life, which she believes is in constant change and movement; our thoughts, which she portrays as more real than we often acknowledge; and human pain, exploring where it goes and how we deal with it. In her creative process, Nuria emphasizes the use of color and texture, achieved through layers, mediums, and the scratch technique. She also experiments with canvas size and material, with the layers reflecting the patches humans accumulate throughout their lives.

Nuria's art focuses on the emotions and feelings often hidden in today's society, drawing from her personal experience of trying to fit in. She has come to realize that fitting in is less important than finding happiness in what she does, a message she conveys through her artworks. She encourages viewers to follow their hearts and dreams.

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