Nicole Blake

Nicole Blake is an artist based in Walcha, Australia. Blake employs a palette of bright and bold colors, harnessing the power of chromatic intensity to infuse her works with vibrant energy. Her focus lies in painting landscapes and aerials, as they provide her with a grounding force, channeling the healing and calming influence of the earth. Through her art, she seeks to convey a profound sense of peace and tranquility that can be found in the natural world.
Choosing from a range of mediums, Nicole alternates between oils and acrylics, guided by both her mood and the constraints of time. This fluidity in material selection allows her the freedom to fully explore and express her emotions within each piece. Consequently, her works pulsate with raw intensity, characterized by dramatic colors, dynamic movement, and an array of emotions.
Texture plays a pivotal role in Nicole's artistic expression. By incorporating various textured elements into her work, she aims to create a multi-dimensional experience that engages not only the visual senses but also invites tactile exploration. This expressive textural quality adds to the boldness and captivation of each composition.
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