A Long Way From Home (From Daughter of The Tribe Series)

photography By Mariam Magsi

One of a kind artwork

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Created in 2022. Wearing traditional, cultural garments conducive to the Magsi clan, the artist wears inherited tribal clothing, conceals her hair and face with her mother’s black chadar (veil) and attempts to navigate a body of water, with little to no visibility, floating further and further away from the familiarity and safety of the shore. “A long way from home” was created as a way to process the recent floods that have ripped through Magsi’s ancestral village in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, wreaking devastation onto the communities that have lived there for generations, and call the land home. “A long way from home” is part of a larger body of work titled “Kabilay Ki Baiti” (Daughter of the Tribe) - Using lens-based mediums, performance, video art, photographic archives and textiles, Mariam Magsi investigates her unique, tribal Baloch heritage by placing herself, and the belongings she migrated with, at the center of the work. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of “A long way from home” will be donated to a grassroots collective helping flood impacted communities of Balochistan.