Lu Meng

Lu Meng is a Beijing-born, self-taught artist acrylic painting mainly in fantasy, animal and portrait subjects in expressionism and surrealism way. She studied Chinese Traditional Painting since 4year old. Before she completed her master's degree in multimedia from the University of Stirling in the UK, she was a documentary director in China Center Television.

She currently lives and works in Beijing, as a painter, photographer, and promoter of therapeutic art. She mainly works in acrylic painting, some of them are recommended by IANGRRY, ART Hole, Artweblist, Mvibe Magazine Artmagazineium, The Purposeful Mayonnaise Journal, Occhi and Artbank. During 2018-2021, she exhibited at Holy Art in London, Disabled Artists' Network CIC in Northern and Post Wave Art Festival in Beijing. So far, some of her artworks are collected in China and in America.

From the Artist... I work many paintings in the same topic since 2020. Just like what I titled one of my artworks: Dream Is An Invitation, Art is an Escape, fantasy is the kind of escape form. But it is rather the hymn to nature. The most attraction of painting to me is a sort of exploring. Sometimes I find amazing elements on the canvas, which may be an animal or a tree, which organized by color blocks accidentally, during the painting, these accidents and my creation map the whole story. The animals, people, and plants are hiding in my painting, audiences could find them, imagine them or ignore them because many of them are between representational quite abstract.

I have deep passion in Chinese traditional multi-spots perspective, which I learned from Chinese traditional Buddhist Wall Painting, from which I could see extremely strong and powerful romance and freedom. I am addicted to learning and exploring this sort of unlimited and active expression. I also get much inspiration from Chagall, Munch, Picasso, Perrotin, David Hockney and Huang Yongyu.

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