Kika Pierides

In 2019, after a 15-year hiatus from the arts, Kika Pierides sat in her studio surrounded by a bag of colorful paper offcuts and was inspired by Tristan Tzara's gobbledygook poems. As she removed the offcuts from the bag one by one, she began to reinvent her practice. This moment became the basis of the artists work today.

Since then, the artist has been committed to honing their skills and exploring new techniques. Their passion for the arts has only grown stronger over the years, and they are constantly seeking out new sources of inspiration.

Their work is characterized by a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles, and they are always experimenting with new ways to push the boundaries of their craft. Whether they are working with paper, paint, or any other medium, their goal is always the same: to create art that is both beautiful and meaningful.

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