Kateryna Bortsova

Kateryna Bortsova is a painter and graphic artist with BFA in graphic arts MFA. In her work, Bortsova focuses on the themes of the female body, modern consumption society and reflects her view on the modern fake reality. With the help of her work she wants to formulate what it means to her, how she sees fake reality. One of the main thesis of her project is that in the modern world not everything is actually what we think, many things have different meanings; and sometimes it is difficult to understand the true essence of things now.  Kateryna thinks that art means confrontation between life and aesthetics and it is a hard struggle for both of them. An understanding of art is one of the main artist’s working specialties. Kateryna Bortsova believes that keeping up with ephemera fashion shall not serve as a factor of art work modernity. A statement that humans shall study and develop oneself for a whole life impresses her very much. She considers that a talented person is obliged to find out something new throughout its life, to reach new more tops. If it ceases to develop oneself it will have nothing more to say to the audience by means of its works.

At present time Kateryna Bortsova is a painter – graphic artist with BFA in graphic arts and MFA. Works of Kateryna took part in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow, Munich, Spain, Italy, USA etc.). Also she win silver medal in the category “realism” in participation in “Factory of visual art”, New York, USA and 2015 Emirates Skywards Art of Travel competition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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