Ilya Sviridov

Ilya Sviridov is a 30 year old collage artist. He lives in the city of Chelyabinsk in the Southern Urals, Russia. He has spent his life painting and studying art. Ilya is also a tattoo artist, a freelance illustrator and wants to try everything related to fine arts. He studied at an art school, art college, university of architecture and design academy. People have repeatedly said he has a ""strong"" style, living in a grey strict society. He has participated in a couple of group exhibitions, prints in a few magazines, and continues to strive to show his artwork to more people.

From the Artist... Collages have become therapy and meditation for me at a difficult time in my life. I started doing them when I was feeling bad and it calmed me down to cut and tear paper. It all evolved into the realization that I could give a second life to photographs, to give them a new perspective in a different context. I am striving for my dream of being in New York City with my collage exhibition. Thank you for looking at my art and bringing me closer to my dream.

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