Beatriz Glez Sa

Beatriz Glez Sa is an interdisciplinary artist, whose work has evolved through different art disciplines like photography, painting, and illustration. She graduated in Fine Arts (B.A+MFA) from Barcelona University (UB). MA(Ed) Secondary Education (UPC) and MFA Graphic Design. She was awarded a scholarship to study Photography at Nottingham Trent University (UK).  She obtained the European “Leonardo Da Vinci” grant for professional training in the UK. She has been working using art with Alzheimer's patients. The importance of art in health, the development of art and creativity in education, science, ecology, identity, cultural representations and other social matters are often reviewed in her work. Her work has been awarded and published internationally in magazines and books.

From the Artist... In general, ever since the beginning of my career, I have been interested in and tackled topics related to philosophy, anthropology, sociology and human psychology, and their relationship with the social and personal environment.

In recent years, I have been focusing on several key elements in the development of my formal proposals. All of these are conceptual strategies associated with the processes of vital re-adaptation, change, and personal/social transformation.

The basis of my artistic creation is the successive investigation of cultural narratives that I adapt according to the needs of my continuous process of external understanding and internal transformation. The main purpose of my work is communication. I am interested in conveying an experience from that which we all share, to establish a dialogue that will allow us to gain awareness, which impels us to transform ourselves and thereby our environment.

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