Beatrice Oliver Gould

Beatrice Oliver Gould grow up in North Andros and now resides in The Exumas, which are two of 700 beautiful Islands and Cays that make up The Bahamas. In August 2019 with the encouragement and mentorship from her husband Thomas Gould, who is an accomplished artist, she began working on mastering oil on canvas. In February 2020 she began sharing her work, during that same year she created House of Art and Island Life Paintings to showcase her unique style. Her main medium is Folk Art , that is steeped in the Bahamian culture and her motivation taken from childhood songs, poems and mythical creatures. As a self taught artist, she has grasp the concepts of art and her use of bold colors has allowed her to express her visions of art. Although she is new to her craft, she has not restricted nor set boundaries in her work and has many styles like abstract and still life. As an artist she wants to share her work and truly bring joy, fun and enlightenment to everyone that gets to experience her art. This will be her first showcase as an artist and she wanted to create images from folklore that the younger generations of Bahamian will remember as a part of their heritage, to educated those who are curious to know and to encourage people with the love of Art.

From the Artist... I asked God to let me leave a legacy, asking ""What is my true calling?"" I believe my husband and I was put together by God, for him to get me started in art and to guide me. With faith, support, love and guidance I feel blessed to have an opportunity to share my art. To be able to work alongside very talented artists and people in the art world, was well worth the journey. I am looking forward to many more amazing encounters and experiences.

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