Andy Behrle

Andy Behrle lives in Waimea on Hawai'i Island. He was raised in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, and has made homes in Phoenix, Arizona; Birmingham, Alabama; and rural Washington state before settling in the Hawaiian Islands in 2018. Each place has altered how he sees the world and creates art. Behrle received his Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Arizona State University in 2003. Over the last decade, he has opened twelve solo exhibitions while also creating site-specific light and digital video installations for galleries, public art venues, universities, museums, and international light art festivals.

From the Artist... My recent video artworks re-imagine traditional textiles, historic stained glass windows, and regional architectural design motifs using video footage of light reflecting off of water. I am drawn to places that have been altered by humans for agricultural and industrial purposes. Irrigation canals, dredged ports, lakes behind dams, and municipal reservoirs provide cities with electricity and drinking water, crops with nourishment, and shipping lanes for the global economy.  These technological achievements have transformed landscapes, displaced indigenous populations, destroyed thriving habitats, and created opportunities for invasive species. The textures and colors of light reflecting off of the waters at each location are unique and entrancing, and help me investigate humanity's complicated connection to the natural world.

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