Alex Maier

Photographer Alex Maier sees things a little darker than most. Literally, not metaphorically. He uses shadows and objects in the foreground to highlight and frame the subject. Alex has been taking photos for 10 years and is inspired by Romantic era painters, amateur boxers, musicians, and the quiet profane moments we experience in this mortal coil. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons.

From the Artist... My work explores the relationship between the environments we create and how they end up shaping us as a society. My background in music composition and fine art has taught me to be disciplined in my practice, but playful in the moment.

My grandfather was the art director at the Chicago Sun-Times in the 70s and always advises me to 'say something interesting with his work'. In most of my work I highlight Chicago when it's working its hardest, rush hour. Dark buildings brood over the citizens as they fight their way through traffic, jostle for a position on the train platform, and crowd the sidewalk as they wait for the bus. The solitude of being surrounded by strangers further emphasized by the shadows being cast across their bodies. My work highlights the city in pieces of light, moments at a time.

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