Loupe Art is excited to announce a new partnership with Barco, a global leader in professional collaboration and visualization technology, featuring integration with Barco ClickShare Conference (CX) solutions. This strategic alliance pairs Barco ClickShare's advanced wireless conferencing capabilities with Loupe Art's innovative streaming platform, elevating professional and public spaces with dynamic, inspiring digital art experiences.

Our Innovative Art Collections with ClickShare Integration

Loupe Art offers a diverse catalog of digital art, curated into unique collections that enhance any workplace environment. With ClickShare's seamless integration, these artworks are not only displayed in stunning clarity but are also easily shareable and manageable across conference rooms and communal spaces:

  • Mood Collections: Adapt the emotional ambiance of your space with collections like Mindfulness, featuring tranquil art perfect for focus rooms, or Happy Hour, with vibrant pieces ideal for energizing communal areas.
  • Cultural Collections: Promote inclusivity and cultural appreciation with artworks that celebrate diversity from around the globe, easily shared and discussed in meetings via ClickShare. These collections include Black Experience, Hispanic Artists Now, Eyes on the East and many more…
  • Holiday Collections: Keep your workplace atmosphere relevant and engaging throughout the year with seasonal collections such as Seasons Greetings, Colors of Pride and Art of Love. 
  • Custom Collections: Loupe’s in-house curation team can create art collections highlighting local artists or employee art.

From Barco: "Our partnership with Loupe Art represents our commitment to evolving office space in ways that build engagement and corporate culture," says Dan Root, head of global strategic alliances for ClickShare. "Loupe’s unique content and flexible programming capabilities perfectly complement ClickShare’s in-room experience, allowing us to deliver unparalleled art installations that are not only visually stunning but also versatile."

 From Loupe CEO, Michele Tobin: 'We are delighted to partner with ClickShare, the global leader in wireless presentation and conferencing solutions. This collaboration allows us to integrate Loupe's dynamic art streaming with ClickShare’s cutting-edge technology, providing an innovative and modern upgrade to professional environments. Together, we are setting a new standard for how art can influence the modern workplace.'

ClickShare Benefits

ClickShare Conference (CX) solutions enhance how Loupe Art’s digital collections are experienced in professional settings:

  • Expanding use of meeting spaces: Maximizing the use of digital real estate in meeting spaces. Extend the use of meeting displays to build corporate culture when spaces are not booked.
  • Enhanced Interactivity: Simplify the sharing and management of digital art across multiple screens and rooms without the need for cables. Encourage collaboration and discussion around art, leveraging ClickShare's interactive features that allow users to share content from their devices directly onto the main display.
  • Efficient Management: Control the art displays and settings from a central platform, enabling quick changes and updates across the organization.

Enhancing Employee Well-Being

By integrating Loupe Art’s collections into ClickShare Conference solutions, workplaces not only enjoy enhanced aesthetics but also benefit from boosted productivity and well-being. The ability to dynamically change artwork ensures that work environments remain engaging, culturally rich, and supportive.

We look forward to helping more businesses leverage the power of their digital real estate to transform their spaces. Welcome to the future of professional space enhancement with Loupe Art and ClickShare.

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May 13, 2024