Turn LED displays and video walls into
stunning art streams, for instant atmosphere.

Commercial real estate and office lobbies need easily refreshed, unique content to enrich the environment.

Control aesthetic in hotel lobbies/rooms, bars, restaurants, and lounges. 

Deliver a visually inviting, tranquil ambiance
to patients in hospital rooms and waiting rooms.


Loupe is the leading streaming art platform transforming the way people view, experience and acquire art. The #1 Lifestyle app in over 70 countries on Apple TV, Loupe delivers curated art playlists for any mood or preference. Loupe offers 50+ hand curated art channels featuring artists from around the world, spanning photography, fine art, digital and NFTs.
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    Artwork featured in slideshow in order of appearance: Stripes Study II by Parish Kohanim, Nyekundu by Jim McCormick, Pass With Care by Mischelle Moy, In The Fold by Erika Guillory Page