Caison Wang

From the Artist, Caison Wang... I was born in mainland China in 1991. The Chinese 90’s generation faced the social and economic revolution from 1990 to 2010, and now we are creating the new culture of China. During this period, it was the best times and the worst times. As a Chinese emerging artist, my topics started from personal experiences with Chinese social affairs which discuss the mental statuses within developing societies and the living conditions of different classes. My work is a conjecture and construction of philosophical and religious belief from my understanding of the trend of modern throughout ancient societies. Though installation, digital print, animate, and sculpture, I restore the virtualized and symbolic scenes to present the zeitgeist of different period.

Since I moved to the United States in 2015, my topic extended to explore the status of redistribution of resources throughout the new world, the new relationship of contemporary religion and social current affairs, and the differences between western and eastern religious hierarchy. It also discusses how religion affects people’s self-existing mode, behavioral patterns, thought dimension and value pursuit.

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