Loupe Art is proud to present its Black Artists Now Art Collection, a powerful initiative that aims to amplify underrepresented voices, foster inclusivity, and create a platform where diverse stories and perspectives shine. 

This collection is a testament to the strength, creativity, resilience, and beauty found within the Black artist community. As we navigate through this curated selection, each piece invites you to explore and reflect on the stories and perspectives that shape our shared cultural tapestry.

Throughout Black History Month, Loupe Art encourages you to engage with this collection on Loupe for Business, and join us in celebrating the richness of cultural diversity in art. This initiative is more than just an exhibition; it's a movement towards fostering inclusivity and appreciation for the multitude of voices that contribute to the artistic landscape.

Artwork: Say It Now, Sheralyn Younge | Self Foreseen, Somi Nwandu | Bee Keeper, Zahyr K-R Lauren | A Sailor's Salute, Ton-E Watson

For more information, please visit: https://loupeart.com/pages/business-why-loupe-art