NCTA – The Internet & Television Association continues to reimagine its Washington D.C. headquarters by implementing Loupe Art’s digital art solutions to help create an inspiring workspace aligned with the innovative spirit of the association.

Loupe provides clients with a diverse catalog of thousands of contemporary artworks - curated into collections that align with seasonal, holiday, and cultural themes - and a patented platform that enables easy, remote scheduling of art streams across any digital screen. Whether honoring emerging Black Artists during Black History Month or showcasing the Autumn Harvest collection to mark the start of the fall season, NCTA can instantly update their art displays, crafting a fresh, engaging and culturally relevant atmosphere throughout the year.

To enhance this year’s Holiday events, NCTA tapped into Loupe’s white glove curation services to provide a custom series of festive motion arts from South Korean Artist, Shinyoung Kim.

This strategic use of digital art has transformed NCTA’s headquarters into a lively and inspiring space, showcasing the impact of art in modern corporate environments.

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