We are delighted to announce an extraordinary collaboration that transcends borders and marries the realms of technology and art. Amazon QLED Fire TV has once again embarked on an artistic journey, this time by engaging the talents of artists from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico, to infuse their artwork into the stunning screensavers of the Amazon QLED 4K Fire TV.

Art possesses a transformative power that knows no boundaries. It has the ability to connect us deeply with our emotions and weave together the threads of diverse cultures into a tapestry of unity. Through this visionary partnership, Amazon QLED Fire TV has created a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their works in an unconventional yet remarkably immersive manner.

The artists whose pieces have been thoughtfully curated to grace the screens of Amazon QLED Fire TV are: from the United Kingdom Brigit Kovax, Camilla Perkins, Cherie Grist, Deborah Eve Alastar, Emmanuel Awuni, Kateryna Bortsova, and Saskia Pomeroy. Each artist brings a unique voice and perspective, ensuring a captivating and diverse experience for viewers.

Our collaboration extends to the vibrant artistic landscape of Mexico, where a wealth of creative brilliance awaits. Joining us are Alfie Robles, Noe Diaz, Ricardo Luevaons, Valeria Montero, and artworks from the esteemed Mexican School of Down Art. Their contributions embody the rich cultural heritage and dynamic spirit of Mexico, offering a window into the artistic traditions nurtured within its borders.

Last but certainly not least, we celebrate the inclusion of German artists whose mastery transcends conventional boundaries. Andreas Wolf, Miriam Montenegro, Moses and Taps, Nils Hansen, Rudi Sebastian, and Sven Frommer grace the Amazon QLED Fire TV screens with their extraordinary visions, showcasing the depth and diversity of artistic expression from Germany.

This collaboration not only enhances the visual experience of Amazon QLED Fire TV users but also amplifies the reach and impact of the artists involved. By showcasing their works on a global stage, Amazon QLED Fire TV provides a powerful platform for these artists to connect with audiences in their home countries.

In an era characterized by interconnectivity, it is truly inspiring to witness a technological marvel like Amazon QLED Fire TV fostering a profound sense of unity, transcending geographical boundaries, and bringing together a community of artists from different corners of the world. Our sincere hope is that this collaboration will ignite a passion for viewers to delve deeper into the art, culture, and narratives, forging new connections that resonate far beyond the realm of screensavers.

Let us embark on this artistic odyssey, where the imaginative prowess of talented artists harmonizes with the wonders of technology. Allow the Amazon QLED Fire TV screens to become portals into a world of vibrant creativity, where the language of art speaks directly to the depths of our souls.

With boundless excitement and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of art,
Loupe Art


Artwork (top to bottom): Aviario by Ricardo Luevanos, My Garden by Ricardo Luevanos, B234 by Brigit Kovax, El Cortjeo by Noe Diaz