Pablo Caviedes

Born in 1971 in Cotacachi, Ecuador, Pablo Caviedes is recognized as a preeminent force within the emerging 21st Century US-Latino transcultural art-scene. He has been exhibiting his work for more than twenty five years. In fact, since 1990, his amazing images have graced several prominent venues in Ecuador; in addition to prestigious exhibits in Paris, France; Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Warsaw and Lublin, Poland; Roma, Lecce and Trento, Italy; Washington, D.C.; New Jersey, Oakland, California; and Ponce, Puerto Rico; Mendoza Argentina. After moving to Manhattan in 2001, he’s been regularly displaying his imaginative, shamanic, and animistic work throughout New York City, along with participating in critically acclaimed group and solo shows within the greater metropolitan area. Like so many first-rate Ecuadorian artists (e.g., Gilberto Almeida, Edgar Reascos, Fernando Torres, Miguel Arcos and Rosy Revelo), he received his artistic training at the esteemed College of Plastic Arts, Daniel Reyes in San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador. Afterward, he studied at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France. In 1994, he received the highly-desirable Paris Prize. Consequently, in 1998 in Paris, France, he was one of ten artists, under 40 years-of-age, selected for the critically acclaimed, art historically significant, comprehensive and pivotal exhibit titled Emergent Artists from Latin America and the Caribbean, identifying a new generation of important up-and-coming Latino artists. Then, in 2002, while living in Barcelona, Spain, he had a solo show at the Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades. During that time he was awarded an honorable-mention in Vilassar de Mar, at the Second Biennial International of Painting in Barcelona.

Moving to New York has been an important chapter in the artist's career. It opened new opportunities which resulted in the series of exciting art projects. In 2009, he was selected for an exhibition titled: Fusion: American Classics Meet Latin American Art, at the Biggs Museum of American Art, Dover, Delaware, USA. Also that year, he was selected for the illustrious Ecuadorian Contemporary Art Show at the United Nations, New York. In 2010, his art installation was selected for the 2nd Bronx Latin American Art Biennial in New York City.  Around this time, LRACC instigated his visual artistic and poetic participation in the We Are You (WAY) Project, Jersey City, New Jersey, a group whose aesthetic focus spotlights 21st Century immigration reform themes. This participation directly inspired his initial ""On the Map"" image. This bold image was originally created in 2011 for the inaugural WAY Project International Exhibit, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, New York City, along with inspiring all subsequent ""On the Map"" variations illuminating this book. In 2012, his animated-film ""On the Map"" was selected for the renowned A Frame Apart 2 Short-Film Festival, Queens Museum of Art, New York City. Moreover, this film amazed viewers at the International Exhibition on Human Rights, Lecce, Italy; as well as the worldwide #Migrantes Exhibition, Trento, Italy; 2013. In 2014, back in New York again, the film was selected at the 4th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial and presented at two venues, Edgar Allan Poe Park Visitor Center Gallery and Bronx Museum of the Arts. In 2015, Caviedes presented his works at the AQ Art Fair in Quito, Ecuador. That same year, he also exhibited his sculptures at the Remembering Things Past Exhibition at the Islip Art Museum, New York.

In 2016 Caviedes presented his Nomada series in a solo show at the Quantum Gallery in Warsaw, Poland. At the same time his new, short animation movie Pop Art - On the Map, was selected at the International Exhibition on Human Rights Diversity in Trento, Italy as well as at other International projects including: Navigare i confini/MigrArti, in Cagliari, Sardigna, Italy. The movie was also presented jointly with the art videos of twenty-eight other international artists, for the Contemporary Visions ∞ Videoart in Loop in different countries and cities including: Italy – Genova, Milano, Napoli, Palermo, Perugia, Rome, Salerno, Torino, Verona, Spain – Murcia, Portugal – Aveiro, Argentina – Mendoza, Greece – Thessaloniki, Bulgaria – Sofia, Serbia – Belgrade, United Kingdom – Britol, Czech Republic – Polnà and Morocco – Casablanca. In November, the same year, the film was presented at the 29th Festival Les Instants Vidéo in Marseille, France. In 2017 through the representation of ARTI.NYC Gallery, Caviedes's art began to receive more exposure with some notable international art fairs, beginning with Frieze Week, Superfine Art Fair, in New York City, followed by Spectrum International Art Fair in Miami. In 2018 Caviedes had the opportunity to exhibit for the first time several of his On the Map pieces at the prestigious Art Palm Beach International Art Fair in Palm Beach, Florida. Then in New York City the ""On the Map"" Obama's Portrait in 3D was shown at the well–known Scope International Art Fair. Also, in 2018 the documentary film Pablo Caviedes  ON THE MAP produced and directed by PH Daniel Sanchez was selected for the Third lnwood Film Festival in New York City. At the beginning of 2019 the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador published and officially presented his book titled Pablo Caviedes ON THE MAP, with text by Jose Rodeiro.

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