Dean Rossiter

Dean Rossiter is a multidisciplinary artist who has become internationally recognized for his unique approach to visual forms of communication. Diverse in his approach, Dean’s genre spanning works remain connected through the exploration of art and its purpose in the digital age.

Having been born after the creation of the internet and having grown up through the technological boom of the 1990’s, Dean explains that his interest in art “lies at the intersection of organic and synthetic experience. In a world that’s increasingly digitalized where both visual and social experience is becoming increasingly artificial, I am interested in using art as a tool for cutting through the digital noise, to promote reflection and organic exchange.”

Dean is best known for his Reaction Paintings which blur the boundaries between art and science. Taking a deconstructive approach to materials, this body of work explores the potency of visual contradictions. This has produced a painterly language which exists in a state of fixed fluidity. By pairing the immediacy of color with the ambiguity of abstracted forms, these works oscillate between modes of recognition and misperception.

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